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Victim of DUI Incident

Have you or someone in your family been injured or incurred property damage because of a drunk driver?  Click here to learn what the Attorneys. at the Liquor Law Center can do for you.

Jeffrey Luhrsen:


"Representing Floridians and their families in this unique section of Florida Law is all that I do.  Why and how I do it is pretty simple:  Throughout my life, I’ve always stood with the regular guy, the underdog, the unfortunate one."

​Defendant involved in dui incident

Have you been charged or been convicted with a DUI offense where someone was injured or there was property damage?Click here to learn how our  Attorneys may be able to help you.

criminal defense community 

Our Attorneys are specialists at the practice of Dram Shop Law in Florida.  Learn more on how we may work together to improve your clients situation.

A minor involved in an incident while under the influence

Are you an underage person who has been charged with a crime where there was an injury or damage that resulted from the consumption of alcohol under the age of 21 years old.